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Ceiling and ventilation fans

Ceiling and ventilation fans

While our homes are sealed tight, the outside particles that manage to make their way in, stay in. Therefore, the importance of air ventilation through an exhaust fan or ceiling fan is imperative to the air circulation of your home.

Exhaust fans are commonly used in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas. All our exhaust fans are installed with a draught stopper, which is in accordance with the BCA (The building code of Australia). The draught stopper assists in minimising the thermal transfer.

Ceiling fans are great for open areas such as the lounge room, alfresco or even your bedroom. They are effective in keeping you cool in the warmer months as well as circulating the warm air in cooler months.

Combination unit are mostly used in bathrooms. The units can have up to 4 heat lamps, a light and an exhaust fan. This is great for bathrooms with minimal ceiling space and provides great lighting.

All above fans are available for installation through Westwire Electrics.


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