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Electrical Services Melbourne

Electrical Services Melbourne

Looking for first-class electrical services in Melbourne? We are the right place to be then. Westwire Electrics is a highly productive specialised business that keeps offering the best option in terms of quality when it comes to professional electrical services in Melbourne. Westwire Electrics is one step ahead its competitors due to the level of efficiency, complete confidence and energetic approach used to take on any challenge. For services like the following, we keep being the right option to look for electrical services in Melbourne:

  • Installation, maintenance, testing, tagging and removal of all types of lighting equipment. LEDs, downlights, dimmable lights and more, none of them escape from our field of expertise.
  • Construction lighting installation and maintenance. Keep your building well-lit during the construction process and make sure the work is completed efficiently.
  • Solar panels and other types of equipment, including their installation and service.

We also take pride in having specialised and experienced professionals that are second to none in terms of efficiency, providing a service that is up to their expectations, consistently optimising their power consumption and the money spent in electric service.

Ever since we started offering electrical services in Melbourne 50 years ago, we have always aimed to keeping long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering a comprehensive approach based on trust and responsibility. Our electrical services include options for commercial facilities as well, those we know may need alarm systems, data and telephone points, security lights and sensors and many other types of services. Contact us today for more information, we will be ready to assist you, we are friendly experts that will answer your questions and clarify any questions you may have about our electrical services.


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